LeCoquin exists to show you how easy it is to fuel achievements and be happy. That’s why we are here. When we look at successful and happy people we only see the surface, but we have no idea of the path he or she travelled to get to where they are today.

The mystery of fueling achievements

LeCoquin dairy-free food supports your ambition to tackle every day’s challenges and enjoy true fulfillment. We dive into the amazing natural power of coconuts to show how you can do more in life. Every person needs inspiration and solutions to keep moving forward.

We all have ideas, hopes and dreams. Every person will face a time in life when a leap of faith must be taken. Your idea might completely fail, but if you don’t try and try, try, try – then you simply have already failed and the door to success is closed. Thankfully an adjustment can be done from the old life to a new view of the world.

Before it was hard to see a purpose. Now, the LeCoquin team is standing together, standing up, taking control, and going after our dreams.

Ask yourself:

How do you want to spend your life? Do you want to repeat the same boring routine that you clearly don’t enjoy? Do you want to wake up each day to an exciting quest? Do you want to escape the predictable world? Do you want to achieve and enjoy a happy life?

I don’t know about you, but my choice is already made: I believe that we shouldn’t stay in jobs we don’t like doing. I believe that our own paths can be created. I believe that one’s goal should be whatever it takes to rise above and do what you love.

The taste of success is so sweet it’s addictive. The only thing it requires is hard work. Just like preparing for a presentation or training for a competition, changing the way you view and enjoy food is a process of commitment and determination. I don’t think that anything in life that is easy to get is worth it. Every person I’ve spoken to who works with, partners with, or enjoys LeCoquin has a drive and ambition. This is what sets them apart; they get the hard work done.

Obviously, I have no idea who you are or what life has been for you. But the thing I do know is that you are human and that makes you capable of achieving amazing things. Innovation is part of our lives, we are actually experiencing what is known as the entrepreneurial revolution, because the Internet enables anyone to start a business and realize their dreams.

I wake up every day to craft LeCoquin dairy-free coconut products so that can you can keep fueling your journey to success. I will not lie. These products are not an easy fix for success. I will not guarantee you instant happiness and triumph. But what I can guarantee is that we stick to our word of making clean and nutritious products. LeCoquin is for real people who have faced numerous challenges, failure, been through moments of loneliness, come moments away from quitting, but still managed to stand up and keep on going. You now have the partner to help you achieve your dreams. I want to help you attain those goals. I want you to reduce challenges to jokes – because I’ve been there too and I know it’s not easy.


Via our blog, we share the stories of people from various industries – ranging from entrepreneurs, freelancers, franchisees, bloggers and programmers to inventors and world-changers – who decided to start achieving happiness that is created and shared in their very own way. We share the experiences of these everyday role models about what they went through and how they made it. And if there is one thing these tales have taught me, it’s that we all fail at times and we fail big time.

I hope that you’re starting to feel the excitement growing and feeling ready to embark on your individual journey. I want to help you. I am beyond excited about the LeCoquin products that will help fuel your drive to become the person you want to be. We hope to be a source of inspiration too. That’s my story.

So, what’s your moonshot? It’s time to start rocking!

— Antoine Robert


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