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Dairy-free Desserts

It is a common perception that people on dairy free diet due to personal preferences or because of allergies are missing up on a lot of culinary delights or even nutritional benefits that can be achieved from dairy products. I'm more than happy to burst the bubble and state that this is not true.

There are plenty of non-dairy culinary options available for people with allergies, be it non-dairy desserts or nutritional supplements; everything is easily available and accessible. I've compiled a list of dairy-free desserts for my readers, shuffle through the list and choose your favorite pick of non-dairy dessert for the day

How Does a Dessert Qualify to be Non-Dairy?

Many people mistake the terms dairy free, lactose-free, and non-dairy to be the same. Well, that is not the case. These are three completely different terms and can make a hell lot of a difference for concerned individuals.

By concerned individuals; I’m referring to people who might experience health issues due to incorrect labeling. According to the FDA, the milk protein casein is allowed in non-dairy products. The non-dairy cheese and coffee creamers are available in market use casein, which is derived from milk.

Top Dairy-Free Desserts:

Chocolate pudding:

A combination of soya milk, rice, non-dairy chocolate, and sugar; this pudding is every chocolate lovers dream come true. Soya makes it creamy, and it melts into your mouth whereas rice powder adds up to the fine texture of pudding and gives it a thick jelly-like consistency.
Ginger Cookies:
Don’t miss out on this batch of freshly baked crunchy, gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free dessert with sweet ginger goodness.
Non-Dairy Chocolate Cake:
Indulge in this non-dairy eggless chocolate delight. The recipe calls for cocoa milk, flour, non-dairy chocolate, wheat flour, and sugar as main ingredients.
Dairy-Free Ice Cream:
Non-dairy ice creams are just as creamy, rich in texture and flavor as full cream dairy ice creams. What better time than summer to indulge in these frozen treats. An added benefit to making your homemade dairy-free ice cream is that you can skip adding preservatives.
Dairy Free Brownies:
These non-dairy brownies are as close to those with dairy products as possible. These
are equally fudgy, chewy and oh! So chocolaty! Non-dairy brownies are a hit at birthday
parties of kids that cannot tolerate dairy.
Vegan Dairy-free dough noughts:
These dough noughts can be a fun non-dairy bake project to do with the kids because it is so easy to bake. You can use a variety of sprinkles and non-dairy frosting to add color to your dough noughts. Use soya margarine and coconut milk instead of butter and milk.
Honey Comb Parfait:
Substitute the regular whipping cream and milk with coconut cream and milk; this experimental recipe turned out to be the perfect textured and flavored honeycomb parfait.
Avocado Chocolate Mousse:
Avocados make this dairy free chocolate mousse light, creamy, fluffy and healthy too.
Cranberry Tarts:
These tarts are a hit among my friends. The tarts can be prepared and stored a day
before hence cutting down on the hassle of preparing desserts and the rest of the four-course meal on the same day. The recipe calls for non-dairy tart sheets and cranberry sauce. Both of these main ingredients are affordable, easily available, and can be prepared at home easily.
Pumpkin Cake With a Dash of Walnuts:
Christmas evenings are incomplete without hot chocolate accompanied by spiced pumpkin and walnut cake.
Fruit Bites:
These fruity bites are a very easy and healthy dessert for people on a strict no dairy diet. An added benefit of these healthy fruit bites is that you can have as much as you want without feeling guilty. Slice and serve assorted fruits of your choice.
Nutty Date Bites:
You can use date pulp or deseed the dates and make your pulp for this dairy-free dessert. Add assorted crushed nuts or nuts of your choice to the date pulp. Mix well and roll into bite-size balls. Who would have thought that dairy-free desserts would be so easy to make and finger licking delicious?
These are Mexican cinnamon cookies. The cookies can be prepared by using non-dairy cookie dough. Add a few pinches of cinnamon to your dough and roll the cookies in caster sugar.
Cinnamon Oat Bars:
Looking for a healthy, non-dairy snack for kids, something that can be prepared and stored in large batches beforehand? Try Cinnamon oat bars. It’s packed with energy. Kids love this crunchy snack, plus it’s not high in sugar.
Mango Sorbet:
Bring the sunshine with sweet and cold mango sorbet. Perfect for a summer treat, be it a kids party or a family dinner, this sorbet is sure to bring the event to a perfect end.
Layered Apple Dessert:
A blend of brown sugar, cinnamon and apples layered with dairy-free biscuits; this layered apple dessert goes very well with a scoop of non-dairy ice cream.
Frozen Fruit Dips:
Have some fun with these creative monkey treats of frozen fruits such as banana, strawberries, and kiwi dipped in chocolate. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it tastes even better. Slice, freeze, and dip. Yes, it is as easy as that.
Layered Fruit Pops:
These layered frozen fruit pops always remind me of my childhood, exploring the back yard during those long summer afternoons and returning to this frozen fruity treat. You can add chunks of fruits or other sweet treats to the fruit pops for a fun surprise.
Raisin Cookies:
Hold on! Before you step back thinking this is going to be a hectic treat to make, let me tell you there is non-dairy cookie dough mix available in the market. You are welcome. Add raisins or non-dairy chocolate chips or oats; there are endless non-dairy possibilities when it comes to cookies.

In conclusion

There are plenty of dairy-free desserts options available for people on a dairy-free diet. The best part about dairy-free desserts is that it is light on the stomach, tastes equally good, and it uses healthier ingredients; hence, the by-product is also better for health.


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