LeCoquin firmly believes that food that is kind to the planet, her people and her animals is good for your body and fuels mental well being too.

Of all the daily choices one makes, food has the largest consumer-led impact on the environment. The ingredients found inside many commercially available foods are directly linked to issues surrounding deforestation, climate change, carbon foot printing, animal cruelty, social rights abuses and the aggravation of medical conditions.

We look to the concept of clean nutrition, which focuses on whole plant-based foods that deliver a positive nutrient-to-resource and nutrient-to-emissions ratio. So whether you’re a committed vegan or simply a meat free Monday fan, every plant-based meal you choose makes a difference.

LeCoquin’s primary ingredients are grown in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. We partner with farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to producing clean foods with a spirit of dignity and respect. We are a group that is committed to finding ways to continually improve and overcome traditional commercial food production challenges, which is why you can trust the integrity of LeCoquin’s every ingredient.

Why coconut forms the heart of our products

The coconut tree is often referred to as the Tree of Life. We love it because it is a sustainable crop and every part of the plant can be used, eliminating unnecessary waste. What’s more, people have attributed healing, nutritional and life-giving properties to this fruit-bearing palm for centuries. And while coconut does contain saturated fat, numerous studies indicate that not all saturated fats lead to health problems.

It is important to appreciate that saturated fat chains exist in a variety of lengths, and each body is impacted differently. Coconut fat is made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), some of these MCFAs, such as lauric and capric acid, have long been recognised for their anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. The body also utilises MCFAs as energy instead of storing it as fat.

MCFAs are associated with a lower incidence of heart disease, they promote weight maintenance without raising cholesterol levels, they play a fundamental role in building the body’s immune system and they occur naturally in human breast milk.

We capture all of this goodness LeCoquin dairy-free products that can be enjoyed in many different delicious ways.

What’s is – and isn’t – LeCoquin products:

Yes to active cultures: our products make use of active cultures derived from non-dairy food sources such as fermented vegetables and fruits. This makes LeCoquin a delicious vegan-friendly choice.

No artificial colours, no flavourants, no sweeteners.

No carrageenan: None of our products contain this thickening agent made from seaweed extract.

No casein: Casein is a milk-derivative, which means that we don’t use it.

No gluten: Gluten is a type of protein and given that many people are gluten intolerant we’ve made sure that our products are naturally gluten-free.

No GMOs: Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are when genes from the DNA of one species is artificially extracted and introduced into another plant or animal species. There is a lot of research that points to the dangers of GMO foods which is why all of our products are GMO-free.

No lactose: Lactose is a sugar derived from milk. None of LeCoquin products contain milk or milk derivatives, making them naturally lactose-free.

Yes to lecitin: LeCoquin products contain sunflower lecithin (an emulsifier), making them soy-free.

No milk: LeCoquin is 100% non-dairy. This means that there is no milk, or any form of milk derivatives, in our products.

No monosodium glutamates: MSGs are often used as a flavour enhancer. Given that it is a controversial ingredient, we do not use any added MSG in our products.

No palm oil: This is an edible vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit. The concern we have with this ingredient is that it is closely linked to issues of deforestation, climate change and human and animal rights abuses.

No pectin: Pectin is a common thickening agent derived from citrus peel. We don’t use it.

No sodium metabilisuphite: This chemical compound is commonly used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative.

Note: if you suffer from any food-related allergies, consult your physician for specific advice.


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