We have a range of delicious, guilt-free ice creams for any sweet tooth.

Our range includes:

Cookies & Cream

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Fudge

Salted Caramel


The Happy eight:



As you probably guessed, It all starts, with the coconut. Not only one but few thousands of them from the various local farms that sell them to Cooperatives in Jakarta. The coconut meats are selected and then shipped by tanker to Cape Town.



When the trucks arrive at the factory, time for the coconut meat to be “milked. They are poured into tanks to be soaked overnight, blended then filtered to perfection the coconut milk is ready for the LeCoquin’s cheeses, frozen desserts and yoghurts.



During the coconut yoghurts and coconut frozen desserts production, crafting the mix to reach “LeCoquin perfect” is perhaps an essential part of the process.

The very skilled and experienced person (the Mix Master) performs mix-making procedures at the Blend Tank Blender.

A batch of coconut frozen dessert mix begins with the coconut milk and the fair-traded liquid cane sugar. To these two the Mix Master also adds the cocoa powder for our chocolate flavours or any other base needed for the taste, then the natural plant-based stabilisers that help prevent heat shock and formation of ice crystals.

All of the ingredients are carefully blended, to obtain as the founder Antoine calls it the "cocosweet" or “cocosweet choco mix”.

The finalised batch of the mix is then transferred through one of two strainers into tanks where the mix is kept until right for being sterilized.



The cocosweet or chococosweet mix is blended, then ready for pasteurisation, the process that kills dangerous bacteria.

The cooled mixture is then pumped over to the Tank Room for 4 to 8 hours so the ingredients can reach the perfect texture. (Like simmering a sauce or allowing an excellent wine to breathe – It cannot be rushed.



One of the reasons LeCoquin’s products are so good can be justified by the ingredient respect. We take our techniques exceptionally seriously.

The team is expert at the fine art of food crafting. Only the most excellent methods ever get the products mix.

Once the mix is set and when the correct amount of flavouring is added, the mix is pumped into the Freezing machine.

What happens next, the mix is pumped through a cold cylinder. As the mix freezes to the wall of the barrel, it is pushed away by revolving blades. In the end, the mixture is turned into a lookalike frozen dessert.

The mix enters the freezer at 2 degrees C and exits at -5 degrees C, which is just like soft-serve ice cream.



After the chunks and the swirls are added, the ice cream is ready for packing.



After the packing, tubs are frozen until ready for shipment.

Freezer team stacks the boxes in pallets, then stored in the -20 Degrees C warehouse to await shipment.



In the meantime, back with the Quality Check Team.

When it comes to ensuring every LeCoquin’s products standards of product excellence to be met. They are the people to say thank you.

They give the critical approvals needed before LeCoquin’s products are delivered.

LeCoquin’s products are distributed in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other ice-cream-friendly venues.

And when it comes to ice-cream-happy places, we believe LeCoquin’s scoop the most nutritious and happy ice-cream!

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