Imagine a world in which you could enjoy food without worrying about the ingredients it contains. Imagine nutritious food that could fuel your achievements, create and share greatness. A food that helps you reach new goals, the happy way – every day.

Welcome to LeCoquin dairy-free foods, a universe of excellence and pure coconut based nutrition. LeCoquin is the way to nourish your achievements in life, day after day after day. No matter what that achievement is, or what it means to you, LeCoquin is at your side – sharing knowledge, nutrition and inspiration to support you in your goal of doing more.

LeCoquin dairy-free foods’ approach to excellence is simple: We believe that lasting improvements happen slowly but surely, making sure that eating well becomes a sustainable way of life.

Improvements are gained via clean, nutritious and reliable dairy free plant-based nutrition.

The quest for a “better you” simply starts by enjoying one dairy-free meal a day: Like a smoothie for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch/dinner.

You will realize it’s very easy to start eating dairy free plant-based foods. We believe in identifying and making necessary adjustments to our diets. And many of these adjustments are easy to make with LeCoquin.

That's because our products are:

Certified vegan

Naturally gluten-free


Made without dairy, soy ingredients, artificial flavors, colours or sweeteners and anything related to animals.

Have you ever noticed the connection between our health, our food, and our planet? It is all linked…

We believe that being healthy leads to true happiness.

We believe that health starts with real whole foods.

We believe that real foods make the earth better.

We believe that a better earth will make people happier. In the end, food simply unites people.

Seven more reasons to choose Le-coquin:


Clean eating

Clean eating can mean different things to different people. For us, it starts with quality coconuts that are as minimally processed as possible to keep them way nature intended.



What we call a “plant-based diet” is often referred to as “vegan” (the diet and lifestyle that rejects animal-related products often found in foods, cosmetics, and apparel).


Nutrient density

Research shows that plants (whole foods designed by nature) are the most nutrient dense foods. This means that plants offer better nutrition per serving than any other foods. So now you know why plants are well worth the calories.



LeCoquin’s range of ready-to-enjoy dairy free plant-based products free you from having to decide between whole foods and convenience foods on those pressed-for-time days. We will help you cut down on the time spent in the kitchen while still enjoying the quality of nutrition you need to fuel your lifestyle. No space, forks or extra time required.



If you are looking to find out more about dairy free plant-based nutrition, stress management, sport nutrition, health or being inspired again, your questions will be answered. We also share quick tips, in-depth articles, infographics and more. You can also see how people just like you are achieving their goals the happy way plus you can share with the world how you have decided to live yours.



This is your everyday source of inspiration. A brilliant chef or a just-get-by cook, enjoy our collection of (Link blog recipes here) delicious, quick and easy plant-based recipes.


Bringing people together

LeCoquin believes that a plant-based diet can be enjoyed in as many variations as there are people who make positive food choices. With our products you now have the ability to put a clean, natural and nutritious foundation in place to create – and ultimately share – a dish that will make you smile and feed your ambitions.
This is another reason why we believe that food unites people. Whether you’re going for one new plant-based food or going for much more, you will benefit from making dairy free plant-based foods a bigger part of your lifestyle. You will meet other inspired individuals and be united by common goals to create share and achieve more by being happy. You are now part of a passionate and committed team who are here for you, showing you how they are inspired to get more things done in the best way possible.


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